Cost-Effective & Cloud-Based Order Entry and Results Portal

What Is ToxFusion?

ToxFusion was designed by Camino Information Services specifically for small toxicology labs seeking to compete with the technology of mega corporate laboratories. This toxicology software creates an affordable, professional, easy-to-use order entry and results portal that improves turnaround times and substantially reduces human error.

ToxFusion Features

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Highly Secure
  • Robust Reporting
  • Hosted Solution
  • Affordable

HIPAA Compliant

We understand that in the world of health information technology, HIPAA compliance is essential. ToxFusion was built to be a HIPAA compliant order entry and results portal, protecting information for both toxicology labs and medical practices. From the development team to the executives, every person involved in creating and supporting ToxFusion is HIPAA trained.

Unlike other products on the market, ToxFusion is designed to be compliant in bi-directional, secure communication between toxicology labs and their clients with bridge and interface capabilities. Important protected health information is kept safe and secure at every stage. Camino Information Services provides BAA’s for all clients using ToxFusion.

Highly Secure

ToxFusion has the benefit of accessing the proprietary software of Camino Connect to create a secure FTP for the safe transmission of data. Utilizing this software makes ToxFusion a very well protected way to transmit and receive order entries and results.

Toxicology software today is well behind the times, often pieced together from clinical labware and lacking fundamental security. ToxFusion aims to solve this problem by bringing tox labs to the modern age with paperless forms (with paper options), seamless interfaces, and secure transmissions of data.

EDI Capable

Interoperability is a major buzzword in the area of health information technology. People want to know, “Will this product play nice with the products I already own?” ToxFusion aims to enhance the secure sharing of data for improved patient experience. To accomplish this, we’ve designed our order entry and results portal to be EDI (electronic data interchange) capable.

Being prepared for efficient electronic data interchange means ToxFusion will flow seamlessly with EMRs, EHRs, LISs, and LIMs. With the support of the expert help desk at Camino Information Services, ToxFusion can be quickly and painlessly deployed.

Order entry and results portals must be EDI capable in today’s world of interoperability, and with HL7 standard secure data transmission, ToxFusion meets the highest standards.

Robust Reporting

ToxFusion is capable of generating custom created reports highlighting the information most important to your lab. Our custom software development team creates robust reporting tools based on the needs of each lab.

Built into the system is a powerful dashboard, quickly notifying toxicology labs and their client sites which results are still outstanding and how many days have passed since the order was first entered. Order entries and results are intuitively organized by patient and are stored in the cloud for quick accessibility.

Cost Effective

In the toxicology laboratory industry, and the lab industry as a whole, price per accession is what makes or breaks profitability. ToxFusion aims is a cost-effective lab results portal with minimum impact on the bottom line. In fact, because of the increased efficiency gained from using the application and the elimination of lost samples, the benefits gained from using ToxFusion will likely outweigh the costs.

It should also be noted that ToxFusion is a product that provides even the most stubborn clients with the option to transmit digitally or print physical requisition forms. ToxFusion makes order entry and results transmission a breeze with the cloud-hosted portal, keeping client sites happy and generating more revenue for tox labs.

Camino is also a custom software development company

Our software and applications can be modified to fit your needs or we can build you something entirely new! Contact us to learn more.