Quick Spatch

Real-Time Resource Management


Send alerts, route changes, and special instructions to staff via text message.


More than just GPS, routes are optimized for money-saving efficiency.


Powerful enough for enterprise, affordable enough for small business.

What Is QuickSpatch?

QuickSpatch is a robust real-time resource management tool created by Camino Information Services. In short, it is a customizable dashboard with mobile connectivity. One popular feature of the application is the instant dispatch via text message. For a business with a fleet of any sort, big or small, this function allows the person running the dashboard to assign pickups/deliveries/stops to couriers with a text alert that, when accepted, will be automatically placed on the courier’s route with optimized GPS directions and any instructions. QuickSpatch can be utilized exclusively as a text dispatch app, but it is capable of much more.

Other features include real-time tracking, NFC tag capabilities, order management, and even inventory control. QuickSpatch is a true resource management tool that generates enterprise level data without the multi-million dollar price tag of enterprise software.

QuickSpatch Features

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Inventory Control
  • Reduce Errors
  • Eliminate Data Entry Redundancy
  • Fleet Optimization

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