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Camino Information Services leverages a deep bench of IT professionals to create perfectly tailored custom software solutions.

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Whether a business is looking for a desktop program or mobile application, Camino’s custom software development team can create the perfect solution.

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Solutions Created by the Camino
Custom Software Development Team

Efficiency in Healthcare

Our medical client discovered a lot of time being wasted by practitioners searching through charts for certain markers and red flags that would classify the patient as “high risk.” Our custom software development team put together an application that functions with their records system to pull together relevant information and assign an easy-to-read risk score for patients, leading to fewer mistakes and less wasted time in making appointments.

Courier Accountability

Our client was looking for a way to ensure that the couriers of valuable items were following the proper processes and creating a proper audit trail. We created a mobile application that walks couriers through a simple set of questions and instructions before marking the pickup as “complete.” This generated valuable data and reduced courier errors.

Robust Reporting

Multiple diverse data sources were difficult for our client to manage. Our custom software development team created a program that takes raw data in various formats and streamlines it into a single, robust reporting and management tool. With this program, the decision makers generate whatever summary is most relevant to them, harnessing powerful data with a few clicks.

Franchise Management

Expanding from a single location to a franchise is a major undertaking, and our client asked us to help develop a system to make sure every new location was running on common standards. We developed a web based application with a client-facing mobile app that unifyied reporting and data flow and boosted franchise buy-in appeal.