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Who have we worked with?

Camino Information Services has worked with laboratories, doctors, clinics, health vendors, and enterprise-level health organizations.  Solutions we have created for them include:

  • Mobile application for dispatch and monitoring of laboratory sample couriers
  • Worker’s compensation case workflow and reporting software
  • Custom interfaces and bridges to EMR systems
  • Regular remote system monitoring
  • Custom graphical user interface for complex medical records system
  • Full IT services
health information technology

Health Information Technology

Camino Information Services has extensive experience in the field of health information technology.

We provide custom software and systems to create a fluid workflow for every aspect of your healthcare organization.

HIPAA Compliance

The team at Camino Information Services keeps an up-to-date HIPAA certification, so we can safely handle data and keep your organization compliant.  HIPAA compliance is incredibly important to our clients as well as insurance and government organizations, and they don’t want to risk the liability of working with non-compliant vendors.


Healthcare data is created at staggering rates, and without a storage solution this data can quickly become unmanageable.  Camino offers secure servers and storage that are protected and cost efficient. Our health information technology solutions keep the vast amounts of data quickly accessible and usable.


In the world of health information technology, one size does not fit all.  Camino Information Systems designs applications and software that are custom-tailored to your specific needs, creating ease of use and high efficiency that are intuitive.


Solutions designed around your company workflow means Camino IS can create a seamless environment among all types of devices, making health information technology an easy to use part of everyday work life.  Let us create a cohesive health information technology environment that is easy to operate and affordable to implement.


Camino creates information bridges that eliminate the need for duplicate data entry.  Eliminate paper forms and wasteful typing with innovative health information technology solutions.

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