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Who have we worked with?

Camino Information Services has worked with enterprise-level companies, including a major healthcare entity, several nationwide laboratories, and a budding national franchise .  Some solutions we have offered them include: 

  • Custom software for franchising
  • Enterprise-grade courier dispatch and management application
  • Healthcare order entry system with custom interfaces
  • Regular remote system monitoring
  • Intranet building, hosting, and management
  • Full IT services
enterprise it soltuions

Enterprise IT Solutions

Camino Information Services has extensive experience creating and managing IT solutions for enterprise organizations and institutions.

We offer Affordable Innovation that can streamline and unify businesses big and small.

Cost Savings

Camino Information Services can save large organizations a great deal of money through IT solutions such as onshore outsourcing, eliminating the need for an IT staff on the payroll.


With extensive experience in custom software and application development, our expertise at Camino Information Services can create IT solutions that include seamless, efficient interfaces that eliminate redundancy and save money.


In contracting Camino Information Services to manage the IT needs of your large organization you gain a great deal of flexibility in researching, developing, and implementing IT solutions.  We’ve done all the work already and can move quickly to address your existing needs based on a comprehensive workflow and IT analysis.


Through onshore outsourcing of IT business processes, large organizations build a positive brand reputation while still saving on costs.

Custom Software and Mobile Application Development

In house IT staff is often too busy to devote their days to custom software development, even when that software could save the company money.  In such cases, our fully staffed IT team can work with CIOs and CTOs to create the perfect program.

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