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To obtain an Office 365 Business Trial, follow this link:

The above button will take you to the Camino IS portal where you can request a 30 day, 25 license Office 365 Business Trial, Enterprise E3 level. You even have the option of making Camino your delegated administrator, which is recommended as we have some fantastic Microsoft Office 365 experts on staff who can help you set up your environment in the best, most efficient way.

But why sign up for an Office 365 Business Trial, let alone a long term commitment to the product? Below are five reasons you should sign your business up today.

office 365 business trial

Get in the Cloud

Cloud computing isn’t just a tech buzzword. It is the future of business. Office 365 offers affordable cloud computing for businesses of all sizes, and, since you already know all of the Office products, it requires little to no training to use. Documents, emails, calendars, and more are all accessible from any internet connected device. Imagine being able to close business on the spot, never being far from a key presentation or a quote sheet.

Office 365 gives people access to everything they need to get the job done from anywhere. Files and settings are synced from one device to the next, creating freedom and reliability for your team.

An Office 365 Business Trial gives you a chance to see what it would be like to operate a truly mobile business.

Device Agnostic

Whether your office provides equipment to employees or you have a BYOD policy, Office 365 is the right fit for your devices. Laptops, desktops, mobile, Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android.

PC, Mac, tablet, phone? People work across a variety of devices from different locations and all need a consistent, clean, and fast experience.

The team at Camino uses Office 365 across nearly every possible type of device. It makes for smooth movement of information between team members all using the same programs.

office 365 business trial

Seamless Collaboration

Office 365 keeps your team perfectly in sync and encourages collaboration. No more worrying that you aren’t working on the most recent version of a document with OneDrive for Business.

Edit or share files on your phone. Collaborate on a presentation from your tablet. Office 365 gives you access to everything you need with a consistent experience across devices.

It’s easy to use and easy to implement, and the results are amazing.


The most basic Office 365 Business license is only $5 a month and includes an impressive list of benefits at that price point. The Office 365 Business Trial offered in the button above is an Enterprise E3 level, which is still remarkably affordable at $20 per month per user. It would cost more to buy full versions of every Office product, constantly repurchasing to get the latest update. Office 365 Enterprise includes full versions of all of your favorite Microsoft applications (like Word, PowerPoint, etc.) on five computers, five tablets, and five phones PER license! As a result, your business gets more product for less money.

Enjoy a consistent and familiar Office experience across PCs, Macs, Windows tablets, iPads®, and most mobile devices. Each user can install Office on 5 PCs or Macs, 5 Windows tablets or iPads, and 5 phones.

To see more details on what is included in each license, click HERE.

office 365 business trial

Enterprise Social

Office 365 includes Yammer, an enterprise level social networking tool designed to engage users of all ages and appeal to a broader style of working and collaborating.

Listen to the conversations that matter Connect your organization to boost engagement and surface important information and experts. Yammer users gain 76% more visibility into other departments or locations. 80% are more informed with what is happening inside their organization.

Grow your business Drive innovation, get to market faster and deliver experiences that grow customer loyalty with Yammer. Among business leaders of networked organizations, 93% agree that Enterprise Social tools stimulate innovation in their companies.

Adapt and make smarter decisions Open collaboration is more efficient collaboration. Yammer helps teams quickly adapt to change and work together more productively. 71% of business leaders report that Enterprise Social tools increase the speed of access to knowledge.

Social tools give a deeper insight into business operations and the daily life of the individuals in a organization.


In conclusion, Office 365 can be a highly powerful tool for your business. Whether a three person company or a 3,000 person corporation. The same tools are available to everyone which is a great way for small companies to go toe to toe against large companies over the same clients. At Camino, we use Office 365 to keep all our work in centralized, cloud storage, meaning we can always find what we need no matter where we are. We also take advantage of Skype for Business (formerly Lync) for live chatting with one another that can include sharing desktops as well as voice/video services. This is especially helpful when working with the members of our team overseas. After using Office 365, we won’t ever go back to the standard delivery model.
But why take our word for it?

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If you are thinking of assigning Camino as your delegated administrator, visit the About Us section of this website to learn about our organization or call (844)IT-SOLVE to speak with us directly.

Enjoy your Office 365 Business Trial, courtesy of Camino Information services