hl7 Interfaces

Custom Graphic & HL7 Interfaces and Bridges from Camino 

A well-designed custom interface be a game changer.  If your interface isn’t clear, concise, familiar, responsive, efficient, attractive, forgiving, and consistent, it’s time to consider a custom interface from Camino IS.

Programs don’t always speak to each other in the most convenient ways, and in the business world, such hassles can be a major drain of time and resources.  By building custom interfaces and bridges, Camino Information Services enables smooth information flow, eliminates wasted hours of data entry and interpretation, and enhances reporting ability.

Aside from graphical interaction, in the medical industry we meet the sometimes complicated demands of building HL7 interfaces.  Without these data bridges, things like patient demographics would have to be keyed in over and over again. Our Hl7 interfaces eliminate the need for excessive hand-keying.

Why invest in custom graphical or HL7 interfaces?

  • Generate reports that lead to stronger decision making
  • Bring together disparate solutions to function together
  • Reduce human error
  • Eliminate hand-keying data
  • Keep information more secure
  • HL7 Interfaces eliminate redundant data entry
hl7 interfaces
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Who uses custom interfaces?

Our team of developers builds custom interfaces for companies of all shapes, sizes, and locations.  We have a strong history in health care and are fully HIPAA compliant, keeping all personal health information protected.  Camino has also developed bi-directional sales interfaces with a major sales company, facilitated automation with worker’s compensation claims systems, and interfaced with billing companies looking to streamline their collections.

HL7 interfaces allow for bulky, legacy systems to be tailored on the front end without having to get rid of programs you already use and know.  Don’t let your technology remain a decade behind.